Before practising any type of Yoga or exercise class at Sweat Society (SS) and, as a condition of participating voluntarily in the practice of Yoga and or HIIT at SS, I consent and agree as follows:

1. I know of no reason why I should not participate in any form of physical exercise. Within the last six months, no medical practitioner has advised me that I should not perform any physical activity. I confirm that I am in good physical health and am fully able to perform all yoga exercises, and or HIIT/ SWEAT exercises, which I will learn and perform at SS.

2. In the event that I have a heart condition or any other condition, which may affect my practise of Bikram Yoga, Yoga, SWEAT or HIIT classes, I have submitted a letter of permission from my doctor addressed to SS giving me consent to take part in Bikram Yoga at SS.

3. I understand that the hot yoga room is heated to approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. While in the yoga/HIIT/SWEAT room, I will follow the instructions given to me by the SS instructors.

5. I will not hold SS or any of the instructors responsible for any injuries suffered by me during any class I attend at SS.

6. I understand and acknowledge that I am to receive instruction in yoga theory and HIIT exercises only and I will not hold SS or any individual instructors to any higher standard of care than that applicable to the School of Yoga theory and/or that of HIIT principles.

7. I understand that I can only purchase the ‘Introductory Offer’ once and that any tuition fees paid herewith and such registration fees paid hereafter are non-transferable to another person and non-refundable. In the interests of health and safety, I understand that I can only sign in and use classes purchased in my name. Refunds, if any, are made entirely at the discretion of SS.

8. Memberships (annual memberships, monthly memberships, class cards) can only be cancelled or frozen due to medical reasons upon receipt of a doctor’s note.

9. I understand that SS reserves the right to refuse admission or to expel members who misuse the facilities, cause a nuisance to other members or behave in a way the SS deems inappropriate.

10. I understand that SS can, at the discretion of the owners of SS, terminate any membership at any time. In most reasonable circumstances, any credit remaining will be refunded in full.

11. You may terminate your membership at any time with a 1month notice period. This needs to be in writing to info@sweatsociety.co.uk and a reply must be obtained as confirmation this has been complete.

11. I agree to follow all rules of etiquette of SS, while in the studio (available on our website).

12. I understand that it is my continuing responsibility to notify SS of any change to the answers I have noted on this registration form.

13. I agree that all my personal belongings are my responsibility and that SS does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to my belongings.

14. I agree that this contract is subject to English Law and English Court jurisdiction.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions upon which I will practice
Yoga and and/or SWEAT and HIIT classes, at SS.

I further agree and acknowledge that I will abide by the Terms and Conditions set out above.

Your privacy is important to The Sweat Society. The Sweat Society Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into these Terms by reference. Please read the privacy policy carefully for information relating to SS collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information