Project Description


With a degree in Sport Science, Katie has always had a keen interest in all things sport and fitness related. If she wasn’t pounding lengths in the pool, she could usually be found in the gym or throwing/hitting/kicking pretty much any kind of ball around some pitch or another.

She was first introduced to Bikram yoga, by her brother when she was in her 20’s. If you asked Katie, she would tell you that her first class was “like HELL ON EARTH!!”, but she went back, initially because she was dragged there by her brother, but gradually because the benefits of every class became obvious to her. In time, Bikram yoga healed all of her old sports injuries and niggling body issues and her life began to change. Katie decided that she wanted to pass on her experience and the healing properties of this yoga to others and in 2010; she embarked on the Bikram Yoga teacher training program in San Diego where she qualified as a Bikram hot yoga teacher. Katie has been teaching in studios in and around Surrey, ever since.

Now in her 40’s, as fit as she has ever been and with an ever growing fascination of all things fitness, Katie has found a new love for HIIT and functional training, so much so that she is about to embark on her Personal Training Qualification and hopes to be fully qualified by Christmas. 

All of Katie’s classes are fun, educational, encouraging and she will always keep you true to yourself. You can’t hide in Katie’s class, so get ready to sweat, stretch and mobilize your inner warrior.