We provide personal training in a private studio here at sweat society, alternatively, we also offer home visits making training easier to access from the comfort of your own home. We have a team of personal trainers with a wealth of experience, lead by a qualified physiotherapist with over 8 years of experience in personal training.

Here are just some of the things we hear on a daily basis when individuals are considering personal training; we thought we would share with you.

Is it for me?

Personal training can help various individuals in many ways, ranging from people who want to increase their fitness levels and stay healthy to the more serious gym goer who wants to reach the next level in their performance. No matter if you are like the many of our clients who are looking to lose weight and tone up or you perhaps want a healthier lifestyle due to diabetes or high blood pressure we can certainly help you. With the personal training team being lead by a qualified physiotherapist you will be challenged in the safest and most efficient way. Therefore if you are worried about an old injury or a niggle, don’t worry, the personal training here at sweat society could be perfect for you. Your specific goals and targets will be established before any training begins, to allow for a tailored plan to be built, giving you the best possible chance to achieve your goal.

Would I Benefit from once a week?

Of course, with the education and advice all our personal trainers give session by session, it doesn’t matter if you train with us once a week or five times a week, you will certainly take them into day to day living. Weather it is advice on food choices or a few home exercises to be doing in-between session, you will certainly benefit from personal training and reach your bespoke goal, no matter how many times you train with us a week.

I’ve Never Been to the Gym

The personal training here at sweat society isn’t like your typical gym personal training. We have a private studio for you and one of our personal trainers to train in privacy. The types of training will all depend on your specific goals, which will be established with your trainer before any session, take place. This allows for different training methods to be adapted to you specifically. If there is a specific method of training you don’t enjoy you simply want do it. We also offer small group training so if you have any doubts bring a few friends to help you along. We also offer personal training at home, so you don’t feel comfortable in the studio we can come to your house.

I’m not fit enough

This is a common statement we hear from our newbies. However your fitness level is irrelevant when starting personal training, this is the beauty of sweat society; we can cater for all levels of fitness. So don’t worry no matter your fitness level you will soon be improving it

I don’t like training in front of others!

Training environment is such an important issue to consider when training, but regularly disregarded due to the set up of busy gyms and large volumes of members. Here at sweat society we pride our selves on having a private studio, allowing you to train on a one to one basis in full privacy. To make things easier why not bring a few friends to push you on. We offer small group training also max number 6 people to a session. If you cant make it to the studio we also offer personal training in your home, with the nesscasary equipment brought to you in the comfort of your own home, no matter how small or big.

I’m in… now what?

Right you have decided on weather you want your personal training in the studio or at your home and weather you are bringing some friends or not. Now all you need to do is give us call or email and book your slot. Hope to see you soon.

Where do you offer Personal Training?

Our studio is based in the heart of Surbiton high street. We also have a satellite private gym in Belmont/Cheam. We offer home visits in the surrounding areas of both Surbiton and Belmont/Cheam. We cover most areas, ask for more details in regards to area.