Kee originally started Bikram Yoga in 2011 to help with his lower back pain and to improve posture and flexibility. He says “I loved the heat from the very first moment and felt the healing benefits immediately! Over the next few months, I realised the benefits were more than just physical, there was a mental challenge too. I had become more self aware and gained more clarity both on and off the mat. After 16 months I decided to quit my job in IT Projects and pursued something I was actually passionate about. In autumn 2012, I completed my Bikram Teacher Training in Los Angeles”.

After teaching for a couple of years and exploring various forms of yoga – heated and non heated, Kee decided to broaden his yoga knowledge and completed his Vinyasa Flow and Hot Power Teacher Training at YogaVenue Oxford in 2015.

Kee’s classes are a calm and compassionate environment to bring awareness to your breath and attention to your alignment. Kee says “My goal for you is to leave the class feeling better, lighter and happier. Be mindful in your movement. Be aware of how your body feels today. Be happy with whatever the outcome”.