Hot yoga is a demanding type of yoga, so making sure your body is ready is important.

Hydration is key before any hot yoga class; make sure you have drunk enough water throughout the day leading up to your class, which will benefit you much better than downing several bottles just before the class starts.

Secondly, everyone differs in regards to food consumption before class, we advise not to eat 2 hours before but make sure your body has been fueled properly leading up to this, avoiding rich sugary foods.

Finally, your body is the boss, listen to it. Hot yoga is not your friend if you are hung-over or you are feeling under the weather. If your body is calling for rest, give it what it needs.


The heat of the studio will feel intense at first. Yes, you may feel like you can’t handle it but trust us your body will adjust to the heat very quickly. Our yogis become so engaged with what’s going on with their body that they forget about the heat.


One thing that is guaranteed in hot yoga is sweat. You will need to bring a towel and a yoga mat. Here at sweat society, we rent both towels and mats for all students (£1 for mat and £1.50 for mat rental). Please be aware if you are bringing your own yoga mat, it will need to be thin.


If you have done any type of yoga previously you will know the importance of your breathing. This is especially true for hot yoga. Breathing in and out through your nose is the best way to keep your breathing in line with your practice and keep you calm and in control throughout the class.


As in most yoga classes, not everyone in the class will be at the same level. The Bikram yoga series is designed for beginners. Don’t feel disheartened if you can’t take the same variation of a pose as everyone else in your class. Stay focused on your postures and your experience, don’t compare your first chapter to someone’s 10th. Our experienced instructors will talk you through the different levels of each posture to adapt to your ability. Your first few classes are about getting used to the temperature, postures and environment. You will make progress over time with consistency and persistence.


No matter your ability and how long you have practised hot yoga, everyone has off-days. Though you may feel like you have had a “bad class” there is no such thing as a bad class. The only bad class is the one you didn’t do. So just remember if the heat is getting on top of you, just rest. We advise not to leave the room, but just sit down, take a break from the postures and control your breathing.


We all have that voice inside our head trying to control our actions. If that inner voice in your first hot yoga doesn’t scream, “what is going on here!” you are doing well. Ignore it, and trust us when we say it becomes easier. The dialogue the teachers give is designed to give your body cues to help you through the posture, never start with “I can’t” give it a try.


Well done you made it! So you got through your first class, feeling a bit worse for wear, but the endorphins are now kicking in making it all worth it. Now, the important bit, give your body what it wants and deserves. Rehydration is essential: replace the fluid you lost through sweat. Here at sweat society, we sell water and electrolyte replacements to help re-hydrate your body. We advice to not overdo it for the rest of the day if you took our morning class. We hope you love the class and you can incorporate it into your regular routine. If you’re not sure, try not to make a judgment after your first class, consider trying a class with another instructor as all instructors differ in style. Just remember the first class is always the hardest, sign up to our special offer and try as many classes as you can in 2 weeks for £25.



Here at sweat society, we offer 2 different types of HIIT classes. We offer HIIT 30 and HIIT 45, which differ in length. The HIIT 45 will involve exercises with equipment designed to raise your heart rate. The HIIT 30 is a 30-minute class which will be a mixture of equipment and bodyweight exercises.

Our classes are designed to work the entire body in short interval bursts, incorporating rest between the high-intensity periods. This may be by alternating between kettlebells, skipping ropes, battle ropes, assault bikes, free weights and boxes or steps. Or this maybe by using your own bodyweight to achieve the same result.


Typically HIIT can involve some high impact exercises, however, our classes are lead by a physiotherapist, who is well aware that some of the typical HIIT exercises can be problematic for some individuals. Some people may be put off by HIIT as they think it is high impact, however, our physiotherapist can modify all of the exercises to avoid any pain or discomfort.


One of the most appealing benefits of HIIT is the amount of calories you can burn in the amount of time. Research has demonstrated that as little as 15 minutes HIIT burns more calories than jogging on a running machine for 1 hour. Though the HIIT 30 is only expected to be out of breath. The structure of the classes is designed for you to be pushed so your heart rate reaches between 75% and 90%.


HIIT is designed to get your heart rate going and sweat glands working, so bring a towel and enough water to get you through the class and enough to rehydrate you for after the class.


Wear what you normally would for a workout, allowing for movement and comfort. Please bring comfortable but supportive footwear, preferably trainers.


Bikram Yoga as a whole has many benefits when performed correctly, the main one people are aware of, being an improvement in flexibility. There are many other benefits too, it can regulate your internal organs, balance your hormones, and even stimulate your mind. We have listed some of the benefits from the official Bikram yoga website below.

  • Tones and strengthens muscles, ligaments and joints
  • Weight loss and weight regulation (balances metabolism)
  • Detoxifies the entire body
  • Increases coordination and balance
  • Improves the mind/body connection
  • Increases vitality and energy


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, the workout involves various intervals, usually of high intensity, with or without equipment. HIIT boosts your metabolism while burns lots of calories in a short period of time, making it one of the most popular ways of working out.

Build endurance- High intensity training adapts to the cellular structure of muscles, which enables you to increase your endurance while doing any type of exercise. A recent study demonstrated that individuals that participated in HIIT were able to cycle for twice as long at the same pace then individuals that did not do HIIT.

Burn more in less – One of the most appealing benefits of HIIT is the amount of calories you can burn in the amount of time. Research has demonstrated that as little as 15 minute HIIT burns more calories then jogging on a running machine for 1 hour.

Metabolism booster – It has been demonstrated that HIIT can increase your rate of metabolism from 90 minutes to 144 minutes after the HIIT session. This increase in metabolism helps burn more calories in a quicker amount of time.

Keep burning calories and fat after your workout- another unique benefit of HIIT is the amount calories and fat you burn after a session. It has been reported that the body continues to burn calories 24 hours post HIIT.

Lose fat and not muscle – Opposite to steady state cardio, HIIT is associated with keeping muscle mass at the same time as shredding weight, the majority of the weight being fat.

Never boring – The beauty of HIIT is that not one workout is ever the same. The different variety’s and structure of the exercises make it interesting and fun from session to session. Here at sweat society we also use equipment in our classes to keep it exciting.

Healthy Heart – The nature of HIIT is to push you to your anaerobic limit with the rest periods making it easier to push yourself. Being more efficient in the anaerobic zone keeps the heart healthy and benefits with the blood flow throughout the body.

Challenging – It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are HIIT workouts offer a type of workout where you work to your max. What ever your level HIIT is designed to get you out your comfort zone and get fast results.